So I recently saw a former co-worker comment on a friend’s post about standing with the Asian community against anti-Asian racism, and condemning the murders of the Asian women in Atlanta. Below is a summary of his comments (no names/names have been changed). I’ve responded to these comments here, out of respect to the friend and not wanting to start anything on her Facebook page. But I think that there are still people out there who share the same views as Chad, so it’s important to explain why those views are incorrect and harmful.

Chad’s comments:

Hi, friends and dear readers!

I’ve really appreciated all the love you guys have shown in my previous stories, such as In Defense of Draco Malfoy (SO glad you guys agree he deserves a better redemption arc!), Ginny Weasley is the worst, and Cho Chang deserved better.

I definitely keep planning to write more posts talking about the characters in this series, as well as the relationships between those characters, and breaking down things like JKR’s internalized misogyny in her portrayal of the female characters. There’s so much to unpack, and I’m grateful to every one of you who has…

You're right, that's a great point! Harry isn't the most emotionally mature person in book 5 too--he is an angsty teenager. But the fact that he chooses to not talk through and process his feelings, and prefers Ginny because of that, is more an indictment of Harry's flaws than Cho's.

Finally, we’ve arrived at the 2020 edition. I love doing these little “things I learned this year” posts. It’s always fun to reflect back on the year I had and the things I learned, and see how I’ve changed or grown from last year to this year. 2020 definitely tested all of us, in more ways than one, so this year’s introspections cover anything from relationships to personal growth to mental health to the fact that the US is filled with a lot of fucking idiots. Let’s get to it!

It is your personal responsibility to be politically and socially…

Did I hear someone ask for a miracle?!
Did I hear someone ask for a miracle?!

Hello, friends! It’s been a while since I’ve done an actual film review — I think the last time I reviewed a film was around this time, last year, for Star Wars TRoS. But I’m back now, with a new film review — this time for the Mulan live-action remake. (And I always say this at the beginning of my film reviews, but in case it bears repeating — SPOILERS AHEAD. If you’re avoiding spoilers, don’t read on and @ me later.)

Let’s get to it!

A few things to note: I held off watching this until I could watch…

So about two-ish years ago (beginning of 2018), I started writing these entries on what I had learned in the past/previous year. Around that time, I was in the midst of some things that were pretty big (think therapy-requiring), and it was interesting to see how much had changed and what I had learned (both the easy and the hard way). Since then, I’ve kept up the tradition and it’s been interesting to see how I’ve learned, changed, or grown over the years. Each year has brought its own lessons, struggles, pain, and joy. And each year has been important…

So, this is something that really irritates me. It’s well-known in Asian culture that parents are emotionally distant — that they royally suck with words, and the way they show love is through food, or whatever. They don’t say the words “I’m sorry” — they cut fruit, or they tell you to come eat dinner. (Oh wow, how generous.) And we, their children, know this — and we let it slide. …

The following is a letter written to Governor Greg Abbott (Texas) in response to his plan to reopen schools in the fall:

Hi Governor Abbott,

You probably don’t remember me; I interviewed you at Baylor University in 2011 when you came to launch the financial literacy program. I was with the Baylor Lariat. Meeting you was special; it was my first press conference and you were my first interviewee. I had hoped that you would care about your people the way you seemed to care back then. But lately, it feels like I’m mistaken.

I implore you to stop the…

These past few days, in the aftermath of the murders of George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery, have been tough. These past few days have really gotten me thinking. They’ve shown the true colors of a lot of people: which people are going to speak up in solidarity with our Black neighbors, and which people are going to pretend like nothing’s happening. Which people are going to denounce racism and police brutality, and which people are going to fixate on the riots. Which people are going to insist that “all lives matter” (ugh), and which people will proudly support the Black…

So, previously I’d written a post defending Cho Chang and stating that her character deserved better. I mentioned Marietta and her betrayal, because that storyline is pretty tightly woven with Cho’s arc. It got me thinking about Marietta’s punishment, and whether the punishment was fit for the crime.

Honestly, it’s kind of complicated. Let me first make one thing clear: I don’t like Marietta’s character, at all. (I like her character less than Ginny, and by now you all know that I really don’t like Ginny.) I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating here — I think Marietta Edgecombe…

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